Communion – 1st November 2020


We meet today.

We meet in the presence of the Father, united with those in other places, other countries, other times.

We meet at the invitation of Christ, united by his love, his life and his sacrifice.

We meet in the power of the Holy Spirit, united in our willingness to be transformed.

We meet today.

As one body, spread out across the world, we are joined in communion with one another as we share in this simple meal of eternal complexity.

With bread, with wine, or with whatever we bring, we eat and we drink in remembrance of all that Christ has done, in recognition of all that Christ is doing, and in anticipation of all that Christ will do.

So, with gratitude that even at this time Christ remembers us, so we too remember him on the night of his betrayal when he was gathered with his disciples around the table for one final, fateful meal.

Amongst his best friends, in the midst of the one who would betray him, the one who would deny him and all who would desert him, Christ takes up the bread. Having given thanks, in keeping with tradition, he breaks it and gives it to his disciples. Creating a new tradition, Christ tells them that the bread they eat is as his body will be, broken for them.

Later in the supper, Christ takes up the cup. Creating again a new tradition, Christ shares the cup among his disciples, telling them that the wine they drink is symbolic of the blood he will shed. A new covenant promise with God sealed with blood, sealed with a kiss.

The disciples eat, drink and go with Jesus out into the night.


As Christ did, so we do, by praying to give thanks to the one who remembers us:

Gracious God,

We thank you for the gift of your Son to us; that through his life he showed us the way of love, grace and mercy.

We thank you that he stood up for Kingdom justice, spoke out against selfish authorities, and embraced the sinner like us.

We cannot be Jesus, as we go the wrong way, make the wrong decisions, too many times.

But by his grace-filled sacrifice we can be forgiven and made whole again in you.

As we eat and drink, may we know more of that transforming grace and mercy in our lives, to be shared with those we meet on the way.

And be thankful.


As they did, so we do, by eating and drinking to remember the one who died once for all:



We pray:

Accompanying God,

As we have met with Jesus afresh in bread and wine; may we take Jesus afresh into your world.

Send us out in grace, to walk with us in mercy and shine from us with love.