Communion – 4th July 2021


Once again, we meet in Jesus’ name, at Jesus’ invitation, to eat the meal of salvation.
As bread and wine were part of the staple diet of life for people in Jesus’ time,
So too are grace and love for us.

It is by Jesus’ grace that we are bid to come and eat with him.
It is by his love that we are bid to come and eat with one other.
It is in this meal that we find the wholeness of Jesus:
His life of faithful service that led him to the cross,
And for us to find wholeness for ourselves.

We remember those who he encountered in life:
Who called on his name and who he healed;
Who set out to trap him and who he challenged;
Who responded to his call and who abandoned him.

We remember those who sat around the table, with feet still drying from Jesus’ washing,
Who argued about who was the greatest while sitting with the Servant King,
Who had left their old lives behind to find fulness in their journey with Jesus.

We remember the words of Jesus as he broke the bread and shared the cup:
“This bread is broken for you.”
“This cup seals a new covenant with the Father.”

With thankful hearts, we pray before we eat and drink:

Gracious God,
We give thanks for the life of Jesus,
His death on the cross in humble service to humanity.
We thank you for the welcome that we receive
In bread and in wine,
And for the life that is promised in you.
We thank you for those who shared the meal with Jesus in the fulness of their humanity,
The confused, the conflicted, the doubting and the loved.
We thank you that you also welcome us to your table,
And on with you through life.


So we eat and drink, in remembrance of the one who died for all.
Pause to eat. Pause to drink.


We pray:
Loving God,
With an empty cross and full hearts, we rise and go,
To become the people you made us to be.
With your Spirit’s help, guiding and restoring us,
May we be peacemakers in your world,
Bringers of comfort and mercy,
Proclaiming justice and good news,
And finding Jesus wherever we may be found.