Communion – 4th October 2020


Across the world today, Christians will once again commemorate Christ’s death and resurrection.

Many will not be able to leave their homes, many will be unwilling to meet with others in person.

Many will have to meet secretly, afraid of the reprisals if this was known by the authorities.

Many will have to provide their own bread and wine, as we are doing today.

But all are invited by Christ to come, eat, drink, and receive.

We remember the Last Supper, as Christ reclined at the table with his closest friends.

Just like the disciples, we have before us our divine picnic of bread and wine.

Unlike the disciples, we know what will happen in the morning.

Just like the disciples, we are aware of the weight of sin that we carry with us.

Unlike the disciples, we know that instead of arguing, we need to confess.

So, we pause for a moment in confession, recognising before God our failures and failings.


Our heavenly Father, who is quick to forgive and offers grace to fill the void, asks of us:

Are we as quick to forgive others? Are we willing to offer grace?

With the transforming help of the Holy Spirit, we have the chance to walk in his paths of love and mercy.

May our eating and our drinking be a sign of receiving his grace anew.


We hear the words of Jesus as recorded in Matthew’s gospel:

“Take and eat; this is my body.”

“Drink from it, all of you.”

With thanks that Christ died for us, we eat.

With wonder that Christ died for even us, we drink.


We pray:

God of grace,

Jesus’ death offers life,

forgiveness and mercy to those who little deserve it.

May we offer the same to those we meet this week,

and in doing so, discover our risen Saviour reflected back to us

in the grace-filled encounters of the everyday.