Communion – 5th July 2020


In our homes, in our gardens, we meet with Jesus, our wounded healer.

Jesus invites us to join him in the meal of salvation, his scarred hands open to receive us.

Hands that reached out to bless the outcast,

And healed the broken.

Hands that wielded cords to challenge injustice,

And restored dignity to the downtrodden.

We open our hands to receive bread and wine, to once again remember…

…Jesus at table, reclining with his disciples, with the threat of death hanging over him.

A party to celebrate past freedom, a foretaste of freedom to come.

But at such cost.

Instead of one lamb per family, there will be one life for all humanity.

Instead of one nation set free from slavery, there will be freedom offered for all.

Jesus enacts the tradition by taking the bread, giving thanks and distributing it to those around him.

But his words change the course of history – his body, broken for them.

Later, taking up the cup, Jesus encourages his disciples to drink.

Again, his words echo across the ages – his blood, shed for all.


We eat and we drink in remembrance that Christ died for us – for forgiveness, for grace, for love.

We are grateful for the sacrifice made once for all, to bring us back to our family.

We confess that we often get it wrong

We say things we regret, we act unlovingly and we wish we could turn the clock back.

But God is gracious; he offers forgiveness to those who confess.

By his grace, we forgive ourselves and we forgive others.

And we eat…

And we drink…


Father of all,

By whose Son’s death we are set free,

We thank you for the gift of life, the gift of grace and the gift of mercy.

As we rise from our table, our sofa or our chair

May we celebrate life beyond death,

The hope of resurrection

And the shared love of community,

Created by you, sustained by the Spirit and established through Christ.