Communion – 7th March 2021


Just as God remembered Noah as the ark floated on the floodwaters, so we remember Jesus as he approached the cross.
We remember that Jesus was the incarnate Son of God, whose mission on the earth was to show the Father’s heart and love for all humanity.
We remember that Jesus was willing to challenge those in authority who did not look beyond themselves and their own self-interests.
We remember that Jesus fasted in the desert yet fed the multitude from a meagre picnic.
We remember that Jesus reached out with tender love yet turned over the tables in righteous anger.
We remember that Jesus washed his disciples’ feet yet received the anointing of the richest perfume.
We remember that Jesus commanded the dead to rise yet carried his cross to Calvary.
We remember that Jesus dined with his best friends yet sat with the ones who would deny him and betray him.
We remember that fateful night.
The night was a celebration of the feast of remembrance of a long-past rescue. The disciples were there to remember the promise of God to rescue their ancestors from Egyptian slavery. Jesus was there to give them a new pattern for remembrance.
Taking the bread, Jesus gave thanks in accordance with tradition. He broke it, and gave it to his friends, with these words of invitation:
“Take, eat – this is my body, which is broken for you.”
Later, as the meal progresses through its recollections of the exodus from Egypt, Jesus lifts up the cup. He passes it around the gathering with these words of invitation:
“This cup is a seal, a covenant promise between you and God. Drink from it in remembrance of me.”
Eating, drinking, the disciples complete their feast and then go into the night that they will never forget.
Before we eat and drink, we pray:

Gracious God,
As we remember the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross,
Of love poured down to all humanity,
Of forgiveness offered to all who will give it,
And grace to all who will receive,
We ask that you would remember us.
Remember us, restore us, and remake us
Into the image of you that you desire.
In the name of the one who died for all,


So, in remembrance that Christ died once for all on the cross, we eat and drink.

Pause to eat. Pause to drink.


We pray:

Loving God,
The cross is empty, the tomb is empty also,
As you remembered your promise
That life is stronger than death
And love is stronger than hate.
As we go into this week,
May we remember those who you have drawn across our paths,
And in all things, know that you will never forget us.