Ladies’ Craft Group

When: Monthly on third Thursday at 2:00pm
Where: Church Hall

Planned Meetings :

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Craft Group (1)

If you have ever visited Junior Friday Club when it is a “making” evening, you will have some idea of a craft group in full swing. Chattering, glue, scissors, people wandering about, lots of bits of paper much of it on the floor. The only difference is that Craft Group help with the clearing-up but it is actually easier to quieten the children than the adults!

Craft Group (2)Card-making is still the most popular craft and, as new people join, we are able to re-try some techniques we have used before. Old hands are generous in sharing expertise and ideas and it is good to see others growing in confidence and trying something new.

Members have a wide range of craft abilities so do think about joining us even if only to watch and have tea and cake. You would be most welcome.