Lighthouse Gang

When: Sunday approx. 10.45am to 11.30am
Where: Youth Room
Contact: Jane Baillie

Lighthouse Gang banner created earlier this year

The Lighthouse Gang caters for the 10+ age group at the church, we cover a variety of topics digging deeper into issues of faith and how the Bible relates to life today. We also look at difficult issues such as evolution, capital punishments, love & relationships.

An important part of Lighthouse Gang, are the social events, such as the obligatory sleepover (or should that be “no-sleepover”?), which we all feel is great for building relationships within the Church and reinforcing the idea that Church and Christianity can be fun. We have been known to have summer bar-b-q’s and some of the group even accepted the challenge of “Go Ape” in Thetford Forest.

We have seen the highlight this last year of one of our regular and original members being baptised in Hadleigh – this event was attended by several other members of the group. We have also made it possible for the group to go back into Church for communion, which several of them have been keen to do.

The general ethos of The Lighthouse Gang is to aid the young people in developing their faith and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through, discussion, games, peer support and most of all FUN!

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