Midweek Musings 13th January 2021

“Lord, I’m Questioning Again…”

(By Elvena Dew)

Can trust and questioning live together in genuine faith?

When I consider the Lord’s creation of mankind even after all my years of faith, I still find it amazing that He gave us complete free-will. It seems such an incredible amount of power to place in the hands of the human race.

We read in Psalm 139 that ‘we are fearfully and wonderfully made’. We are left in no doubt of this if we consider our anatomy and physiology. From the moment we are born our heart beats, we breathe, we feel hunger and thirst etc, etc… all subconsciously controlled without any input on our part.

As well as our awesome bodies the Lord decided to bestow upon us an amazing range of emotions which can move from moderation to extreme intensity, love and hate, passion and indifference, fear and calm etc, etc.

Yet more… He chose to give us thinking minds. Children absorb information at an amazing rate eagerly learning to walk, talk, read, etc, etc. Throughout history man has been eager to search uncharted territory, discover increasing details of the world God created around us and invent new things.

At this present time, the search for a COVID vaccine has been headline news. How amazing that the Lord gave us the thinking capacity to achieve this and complete free-will which enables the human race to choose whether to use this and other ever-increasing knowledge for the good of all mankind or for selfish greed!

So, do we need to feel we are failing the Lord if, as Christians, we have questions, concerns, doubts and fears? Does it mean we are lacking in trust if we need to ask why? or say, “I am struggling Jesus because that just isn’t fair”? or “This just doesn’t make sense to me.” If we are completely honest within ourselves does a Christian who has never doubted really exist?

In Proverbs 2:1-5 we are encouraged to apply our heart to understanding…. and search for the Lord as for hidden treasure.

So, if we are to trust the Lord with all our heart does that mean we never question? Or is it about HOW we question?

How tempting it can be to shake a fist and scream in frustration, or to feel overwhelmed with worry or deep sadness…but when this is spent how much more helpful to ask the Lord to help us to see through His eyes.

To ask, “what are you wanting to show me and/or teach me through this Lord?” How often His ways are not our ways.

So, is trust in God blindly accepting whatever life brings to ourselves and others or is it believing the Lord has it in hand even through our concerns, doubts, worries and tears?

Do we actually fully serve our dear Lord Jesus if we appear immune to these struggles?

As a nation we have been encouraged to rely on materialistic values. We have become a society that thinks the bigger the house, the more powerful the car, the more high-flying the job…. the more successful we are.

As Christians we know this is a lie, but can we expect someone who has not yet found a relationship with Jesus to understand this? How much they need to see in us the peace and grace of God…. with all our imperfections.

Through this pandemic there are so many people who are grieving through loss of jobs and income, loss of self-esteem, loss of purpose, loss of loved ones. People have been stripped of their security and hearts are breaking.

So, I go back to my question…. can we actually fully serve our dear Lord Jesus if we appear immune to questions, doubts and fears? Or do we help others more by proclaiming our faith in the God who can bring hope, peace and grace in the midst of all their turmoil. To own we do not have all the answers, but we know Jesus loves them beyond measure and will hold and sustain them through all this if they turn to Him.

I smile as my mind goes to a light-hearted but very apt phrase, “I can’t… but I know a man who can”.

Can we serve the Lord more powerfully by owning we have big questions too? Then pointing them to Jesus …because we know a God and Lord who will see them and us through.

(Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay)