Midweek Musings 23rd September 2020

“Where Art Thou, Lord?”

(By Jenny Watt)

The Midweek Musing for the 29th July was the opportunity for people to write their own in the form of a psalm or reflection. Jenny Watt has kindly given permission for her Musing to be published this week.

I have said a last farewell to my father, my mother, my brother, my sister, my husband.

You have been there for me throughout my life, a rock on which to lean, a backdrop of

joy and peace, a giver of friends and love.

You did not desert me, Lord, but I have deserted You.

Yet sometimes I see you. I see you in the garden, in the bewildering beauty of the flowers,

the jewel-like butterflies, the quiet happiness of birds. I see you in the meadows and

hedgerows, in the grandeur of the mountains, the mystery of the seas.

I see you in the sunrise and the sunset, the pattern of clouds by day, the magical splendour of

stars at night.

Sometimes I hear you, Lord, in the sound of gentle music, in the waves rippling on the beach,

the wind rustling the grasses.

I am aware of you in the deeds of others, kindness shown, generosity, thoughtfulness, sacrifice.

How can I not be certain?

I am aware of you when I see my beloved family and willingly receive the love and joy

they share with me.

Why is it then, that I still say…

“Where art Thou, Lord?”

(Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash)