Midweek Musings 2nd December 2020

Giving And Receiving

(By Gillian Johnson)

We are approaching that time when we give and receive presents from friends and family. I suppose we all enjoy giving presents, but there is so much more joy in giving, especially when you know you are giving something that person really needs.

I find it an awful lot easier to give than receive. And I don’t only mean presents.

Over the past month I have had to learn how to receive.

It is good to be able to give. To give our time to help others, in whatever way is needed, and not expect anything in return.

But how hard it is to receive back from others. And as I said over the past few weeks I have had to learn how to receive.

Being out of action, due to isolation, operation, recovery I have had to accept some of the help offered by other people. Being on my own and liking my independence it has been a difficult thing to come to terms with.

 And yes, l am incredibly grateful for all help offered, whether I have accepted it or not.

One thing I have had to learn is that as much as I get pleasure out of giving, then they too must get pleasure out of giving. And in this instance, that means giving to me. 

Yes, we have to learn how to give and receive, and yes, I believe it is a lesson that we will go on learning about for the rest of our lives.

So why do I find it so hard to receive? After all, I received so very much on that day when I accepted Christ into my life as Lord and Saviour. And I have gone on, over the years, receiving from Him. I have never thought about receiving in that way before. Yes, in this instance it is far easier to receive than give.

I have an awful lot that I owe to my Lord and Saviour. And I should be giving more and more and more to Him not just the little I do.

Jesus gave HIS ALL for me.

His life was/is one of giving.

He gives pardon to the guilty.

He gives peace to the afflicted.

He gives light to the ignorant.

He gives hope to the miserable.

He gives life to the dead.

He gives salvation to the lost.

If like me you find it hard to receive, remember the gifts that God has freely given to His creation. Gifts that He wants all to receive.

Jesus gave HIS ALL for you.

(Photo by Andrew Moca on Unsplash)