Midweek Musings 5th May 2021

Be Encouraged

(By Nena Harding)

How I was encouraged by the children at Cavendish Primary after our Open the Book Easter story! The children who were our Roman Soldiers started a really deep thoughtful discussion about how hard it had been to “crucify Jesus” and then wondering if had been really hard for the Roman soldiers who had done the deed for real – and wondering if they had to carry out orders when they knew in their hearts it wasn’t right………. phew. Then Colin (Pilate) came across also much encouraged, when the children who had played Jesus’ friends came over to ask him what the bowl of water and the handwashing was about in the story?? (handwashing has taken on a whole new meaning for today’s children).

It made me think how much of a lift it gives when someone says or does something that encourages us. Last year someone brought a bunch of flowers over during lockdown just because… someone else took the trouble to call me to tell me that the cards I had made as a gift to her, had caused the recipients to ring her to thank her for the beautiful pictures.

Last week someone else thanked me for coming over to sit and chat… amazingly she said my visit had made their day! How we can turn things into a real positive for others when we just take the time and thought to say something that will encourage others – and it need not cost anything more than our time.

Did you know that I found 53 references “encourage” in the New Testament? Paul certainly knew the value and importance of encouraging others.  I had forgotten that when he re-named Joseph as Barnabas, that new name means “Son of encouragement”. Here are just two verses for you – maybe you could swell the ranks of encouragers this week and give someone an unexpected lift?? You may never know how timely your word or deed was in someone’s life.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up ….”

(Photo taken at Open the Book at Cavendish Primary School – reprinted here with permission)