Midweek Musings 7th October 2020

You’re Hired!

(By Rita Bateman)

I left school at 15 and immediately started a 5-year apprenticeship at a local hairdresser. Five years seemed to me at the time to be forever.

Fast forward 7 years and I had finished my apprenticeship, ran my own business, married, and had my first child. Suddenly I was responsible for running a house, caring for a baby and a husband.

Unlike when I was an apprentice, when I always had a qualified person to help me out when needed or had the answers to my questions.

Like when this dear lady with beautiful silver white hair had just had her hair rinsed for the last time after a perm, and then when I applied the yellow setting lotion… her hair turned green. Evidently there was a chemical reaction with the neutraliser that I hadn’t rinsed out sufficiently.

Fortunately, it all came out in the shampoo. Or when I accidentally snipped Madams ear lobe and my boss saw the blood and thought I was attempting to cut Madams throat. All it needed was a Band-Aid!!

But now I was all my own!

Fast forward another 2 years, I had my second child. The end of that year was when I first met with Jesus.

Looking back, I now realise it was then I began another apprenticeship, but this wouldn’t be a mere 5-year apprenticeship, but a Lifelong Apprenticeship.  This time my teacher, my Master Craftsmen was none other than the Lord Jesus Himself.

This time my skills to be learnt are:

  • Compassion
  • Loving others
  • Forgiveness
  • Patience
  • Hospitality
  • Obeying
  • Giving of oneself

The list I know goes on and I will never finish my apprenticeship until I meet the Master face to face.

As an apprentice I am always learning, always making mistakes, ALWAYS being forgiven and shown a better way, but slowly, so slowly, I am moving forward, being guided, cared for and built up to what my Master has planned for me.

It is comforting  to me to know that I am not alone on this apprenticeship; some of my fellow apprentices have  served longer years, some less, but  we are learning and moving forward together under the guidance of the  Master Jesus Christ Himself.

(Photo by Roman Mager on Unsplash)