Sunday Club

When: Sunday approx. 10.45am to 11.30am
Where: Church Hall

The Sunday Club is open to all children aged between 3 – 9 years, irrespective if their parents come to church. Each child is an individual and their knowledge of God and relationship with him will develop in different ways. Therefore we try to use a variety of approaches to help each child discover God in their own way, making it both fun and reflective.

We currently have two age groups 3-5s and 6-9s, which we split into after a short time together. We have a wide range of toys for the younger group to use, so they can learn and respond through play. The older ones we challenge to ask questions and share their own thoughts and feelings (whatever they are!) and have tackled some big questions such as ‘Who is God?’, ‘What does he look like?’ and ‘Where does he live? We regularly have ‘free range sessions’ when all ages are together and offer themed activities and games that the children can pick and choose. In the summer we go outside to chalk, have water games and generally let off steam!

To help the children feel part of the whole church they are invited to help take collection, have designed the church’s communion cloth and regularly take part in services, including performing their own Christmas nativity!

We regularly get messy doing art and craft, parachutes games are a big favourite, we make yummy things to eat and do other silly activities as we explore stories and themes from the bible. To encourage the children to form friendships we have parties and treat days. We’ve had a muddy day out at Ickworth Park, been ten pin bowling and soft play, and this October we had a Reptile Experience and were visited by a tarantula, milk snake and meerkats!

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