The Pastor Writes – August 2013

Dear Friends

Thank you for coming to my final service at Clare this morning. It is with both joy and sadness that my full time ministry comes to an end. The joy is that I am tired and I need a break. The sadness is that I will miss being a minister of a local church very much indeed.

We have made so many friends in our time at Clare and our abiding memory of the town will be the wonderful people we met here.  The love and fellowship of such a diverse set of people has given real warmth to our lives.

Three outside ministries have been important to me. The Primary School work as a governor and hearing year three children read has been rich and challenging. I have always felt a warm welcome especially from Joan Horner the Headteacher. The prison victim awareness course which I have enjoyed being involved with and finally Churches Together where I have made many friends. We have enjoyed the Brookfield house group and of course Church without Walls has been a real blessing to us.

I have been blessed by helping the Great Sampford and Coggeshall churches as a moderator and by being part of the Colne Valley Ministers Group. Mary and I thank God for bringing us to Clare it has enabled us to grow, know and love a remarkable group of people. We thank the other four ministers in the church for their fellowship, help and support.

Please pray for Mary and I as we go into retirement with a different set of challenges. We look forward with excitement to what God has in store for our future.

To Mary my grateful thanks because I could not have done it without her. The last thank you is to Jesus my saviour and Lord.

Yours in Jesus