The Pastor Writes – December 2011

Dear Friends

Oh no it will soon be Christmas again! The whole thing of carol services, school productions, parties, presents and of course TV adverts galore will soon be upon us and probably overwhelm some of us. I thought I would write out my Christmas present list this year for those who are struggling to know what to get me.

  • Lots of happy marriages where people work through their troubles and overcome them together.
  • Lots of happy children cared for and loved by their parents where abuse disappears for ever.
  • Lots of happy parties that involve sensible attitudes to alcohol and flirting or whatever the modern equivalent is.
  • Lots of lonely people finding friends to share with.
  • Lots of starving shelterless people fed and cared for.
  • An end to gang culture and the discovery of new hope for those involved in it.
  • Good health for all.
  • A fair and just society.
  • Politicians that listen to people.
  • Jesus in the centre of people’s celebrations.

I realise of course that I am dreaming and unrealistic in my wishes, yet that is what is in my heart. I guess it was in the heart of God when he sent Jesus to live with mankind in Bethlehem, so perhaps it is what faith demands, and that in Jesus it is possible.

Mary and I wish for you all – Jesus in the centre of your celebrations over this Christmas New Year period.

Your friend & pastor