The Pastor Writes – February 2012

Questions that demand an answer

Following the question and answer session on Sunday January 15th we still have some questions that did not get an answer. So let’s try some of them now instead of the usual pastoral letter.

Q: Why are there so many different faiths? How do we know Christianity is the right one?

A: There are lots of ways to answer these two questions but you have to make do with mine because of the space available.

The one faith that is not man made is Christianity. It comes out of God’s action in sending Jesus into the world. Jesus did not make himself head of a new faith but sought only to show he was God’s “sent one”.
We can never know that a faith is true or otherwise. We can only believe it to be so. If you have doubts about that, a short study of other faiths is rewarding and yes I have done it when I was a student.

Q: Why are we asking questions in this way? Why don’t we just pray about them? That way the answer is bound to be right? If we don’t get a response that means we don’t need to know or we are not ready for the answer either way we stop worrying about it.

A: I hope all the questions have been prayed about and similarly the answers given. Man has a built in curiosity and wants to know about the world about him, himself and God. It is natural curiosity and I for one love to encourage people to follow questions until they get answers.

I hope that sessions like the one on the 15th will help people find answers to questions far beyond what was said on the day. God gave us a mind to use and sometimes he expects us to do so until we find our own answers to questions large and small. I liked this question because it raises theological and philosophical issues that I enjoyed thinking about and seeking answers to, and yes I did pray about them as well.

We will deal with some more questions in the next magazine.

Pastor David