The Pastor Writes – February 2013

What are you reading at the moment? Whatever it is I hope you are finding it challenging in some way. I have been reading Christian novels over the Christmas/New Year period. That probably surprises those who know me well. It surprised me.  I admit most of them have a romantic element and all of them were written by women but hey there is nothing wrong with either of those things.

The standard of the books does vary but I have read two series which I commend to you. The first is the “Candlewood Trilogy” by Delia Parr. It is set in America in the 1840’s and through the three books Emma the main character is taken through a series of adventures learning spiritual lessons as she goes. I have to admit that once started I could not put it down. Delia Parr writes well and is seldom preachy but uses her characters stories to challenge and enrich the faith of the reader.

The second series is written by Kathleen Morgan and starts with “Daughter of Joy” set again in America but this time in the 1890’s. There is more of a salvation and inner change theme in this series but again it is gripping stuff with good characters you get to care about. Jesus did a lot of his teaching by story telling and for those who like story to challenge and motivate them I recommend these books to you.

In February of course we have Valentine’s Day a special day for romantics every where. It is special for Mary and I as we originally intended to be married on 14th February 1971. I had to work that weekend as I was in banking and it was the dreaded introduction of decimal currency. We got married earlier instead. A friend of mine had her first date with her husband on that day so she certainly thought it very special. Valentine’s Day is about human love rather then human relationships. It is about finding love and allowing it to form into a relationship. The wise couple will allow God to fill them and their love for each other with his love and thus bring an eternal element to the growth of love.

You may by this time be saying to your self what has happened to David getting all romantic all of a sudden. I promise normal service will resume next time.

Your friend and pastor