The Pastor Writes – October 2012

Dear Friends

I think one of the most annoying phrases in the English language concerns living” in the real world”. There is it seems only one real world and normally it’s the world of the person making the statement who implies his listener is not living in the real world. It is true some people live in a world full of chocolate box houses, rose tainted hues and love and peace being offered to all. I sometimes envy them this view of the world. Yet ask the citizens of Syria if it sounds real to them and I suspect the answer would be no. Ask the citizens of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and again the answer would come back no.

The real world is the world in which every citizen on earth is part of. To describe it in a few words is impossible and when I claim my world is the real world I imply that the world others live is not real. I am therefore deceiving my self and insulting them. The real world contains so many religions, so many political beliefs, so many sciences, so many cultures and so many others. How do you sum up such a world? In fact we don’t really try, sciences fight with each other to see who is right and so do religions, politicians and so on. This competition blinds us all to the reality we are all wrong and all partially right. We have some idea of the real world but not all of it.

In the beginning God made the world is one of my favourite pieces of the bible. It keeps me in my place. God knows the real world and every component part of it because he made it.
God knows the real world because in Jesus he came to save it in every way in every place.Since I joined facebook I have had communication with friends in America, Australia and Switzerland. I know very little of the reality of their world. God does however and I can be part of that in prayer. All this is making my headache so I shall have to leave it to God to sort out what is the real world and my part in it. If you would like to start thinking about something really hard try this for size. What is reality?

God bless you all