Thoughts and Musings – August 2020

Thought for the Week 30th August 2020

Take one grocer’s daughter from Grantham. Put her on a path to political success, with a General Election victory in 1979 and we arrive at Margaret Thatcher, our first female Prime Minister and one of the most divisive figures in

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Thought for the Week 16th August 2020

Superman. Spiderman. Wonder Woman. Captain America. All superheroes. All with names that give them their identity, to help us understand something about them, to make them stand out from the crowd, even the massed ranks of superheroes. Superman is, literally,

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Thought for the Week 9th August 2020

Our reading today describes one of the most dramatic u-turns in history, certainly one that has had the most enduring legacies within the sphere of world religions. We start with a glorious day on the road between two cities. Picture

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