Thoughts and Musings – January 2021

Midweek Musings 27th January 2021

Well, it’s been nearly a year now that we’ve been watching the announcements; the numbers, deaths, infection rates, how many people we can meet; Christmas or no Christmas; schools closing, exams cancelled, exams back on again; babies born, loved ones

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Midweek Musings 13th January 2021

Can trust and questioning live together in genuine faith? When I consider the Lord’s creation of mankind even after all my years of faith, I still find it amazing that He gave us complete free-will. It seems such an incredible

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Thought for the Week 10th January 2021

Child to parent: “Why is my name ‘Glug-glug’?” Parent to child: “The vicar fell into the font at your Christening.” (A joke to appeal to the lapsed Anglicans in our midst.) The joke above is one of the less serious

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Midweek Musings 6th January 2021

Today is traditionally the Feast of the Epiphany in the church calendar, as we recognise that 12 days have passed since Christmas Day. Of course, most of us know all about the 12 days of Christmas from the famous song

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Thought for the Week 3rd January 2021

Many years ago, we held a “Bad Present Game” as part of a broader New Year’s Eve get-together with friends. The premise of this jolly jape was to rewrap a present that had been received for Christmas that was (to

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