Thoughts and Musings

Thought for the Week 11th April 2021

“Are we nearly there yet?”“How long is a piece of string?”“Wie komme ich am besten zum Bahnhof?” These are all questions that we may have encountered in our lives before. Certainly, the last of these forms a large chunk of

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Midweek Musings 7th April 2021

A few months ago, I wrote a Midweek Musing called “Where Art Thou, Lord?”.  I thought, maybe, I would find the answer to that question, but it is still not clear to me. I think, for me, it’s a question

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Easter Sunday 4th April 2021

This title of this piece of writing for Easter Sunday was inspired by the sermon “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s comin’” by S.M. Lockridge (a recording on YouTube is available here) There is joy in chocolate (as long as you have

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Thought for the Week 4th April 2021

The day dawns shrouded in mist, dew bejewelling leaf and grass as tentative steps are taken towards the resting place of their friend. The Sabbath has been spent in a blur, in hiding, fearful of further punishment; the physical to

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Midweek Musings 31st March 2021

See him on the street corner on this busy Wednesday,With his friends around him, hanging on his every word. Stories that he’s told, each one with a question to answer;Their deeper meanings yet to be uncovered, but entertaining, nonetheless. Actions

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Thought for the Week 28th March 2021

Last year on Palm Sunday, I wrote about how the procession into Jerusalem might have looked like in what was then our first COVID-19 lockdown. This year, we are again at Palm Sunday (albeit a couple of weeks earlier due

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