Thoughts and Musings

Thought for the Week 7th February 2021

I’ve deliberately broken an unwritten law this week. I’ve given you a Bible reading that starts in the middle of an ongoing scene. There’s action that comes earlier in the chapter for which today’s reading is both a response and

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Midweek Musings 3rd February 2021

I recently finished Phillip Yancey’s book What’s So Amazing About Grace. It has given me a new understanding of the meaning of grace. If you would like to borrow my copy, please do ask. This greater understanding has also helped

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Midweek Musings 27th January 2021

Well, it’s been nearly a year now that we’ve been watching the announcements; the numbers, deaths, infection rates, how many people we can meet; Christmas or no Christmas; schools closing, exams cancelled, exams back on again; babies born, loved ones

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