Christian Aid

Christian Aid
Christian Aid was originally known as Christian Reconstruction in Europe, as it was initially concerned with issues of post-World War II welfare, and to help resettle refugees. It became part of British Council of Churches (now Churches Together in Britain and Ireland) in 1949, and changed its name to Christian Aid in 1964.

Christian Aid is the official relief and development agency of 40 British and Irish churches and works to support sustainable development, alleviate poverty, support civil society and provide disaster relief in South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Christian Aid campaigns to change the rules and systems that keep people poor, speaking out on issues such as Tax Justice, trade justice, climate change, and Third World debt. Christian Aid has fought poverty for more than 65 years. It works with people of all faiths and none.

For many years our church together with the other churches in Clare have been actively supporting Christian Aid. Every year there is a Christian Aid Week which the Churches Together have supported. We help with the street collections (which have always been the most successful activity raising money) as well as Church collections and each year our church has hosted a Hunger Lunch.
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The Street Collections, while being so very successful are in need of some “Younger Blood”! For many of our regulars the walking is too demanding. One evening, about 30 – 45 minutes, is required to deliver envelopes and a second evening about 48 hours later is required to collect the envelopes. Cavendish Road, for instances takes some 2 hours to collect all the envelopes.

In 2017, Christian Aid week runs from 14th to 20th May. Whatever we do and however we do it, by being part of Christian Aid Week we can help people in poverty out of poverty. We join 200,000 others to raise more than £13 million for poor communities around the world to help them find ways to improve their lives and have a brighter future.

More information on Christian Aid can be found here