Communion – 4th April 2021


Today is the day when we remember resurrected life,
But we cannot do this without also remembering the death that preceded it
And the events that led up to that event.

Jesus invites us to his table again,
To gather around him as his disciples did,
To listen to his story of rescue as they heard the story of the exodus,
Sealed with bread and wine.

So, join us as we recall the events of Holy Week,
As the disciples and Jesus met in celebration of one event
At the inauguration of another.

During the meal, Jesus takes up the bread, gives thanks and breaks it.
He gives it to his disciples with these words:
“My body will be broken like this bread,
And all for you.”

Later in the meal, Jesus lifts up the cup, saying:
“The new covenant between God and humanity is sealed
With blood as red as this wine.
As you eat and drink, remember me and that which is to come.”

Eating, drinking, arguing and singing, the disciples finish their meal
And with Jesus go out into the night.

So too are we reminded of Jesus’s words and actions,
His body broken, his blood shed
And the promise of a new covenant of grace.

Before we eat and drink, we pray:

Gracious God,
We thank you for the gift of Jesus in life and death,
For his words of love and deeds of grace.
We thank you that he was obedient to his calling,
To suffer and die for all of us,
Even for those who don’t know who he is.
May we eat and drink in remembrance
And in thankfulness.


So, as Christ invites us, we eat and drink.

Pause to eat. Pause to drink.


We pray:

Loving God,
The tomb is empty, and Christ is risen.
Though he is not here in person,
His Spirit is amongst us and takes us on in you.
May we be the hands and feet of Christ,
Doing all you ask, going where you lead
And being the people that you want us to be,
Bearing the scars of love and wounds of grace,