Communion – 7th February 2021


As fellow guests at the feast of salvation, we are welcomed by our host, Jesus.

Around the Table, around our tables; being together while apart.

Looking back at our shortcomings, our failings, and our sin, we confess before God.


Looking back at our triumphs, our successes, and our achievements, we give thanks to God.


Looking back at our conversations, our connections, and our relationships, we bring these people before God


We acknowledge God’s presence with us by his Holy Spirit: living within and through us, joining us with others, and uniting us in love and grace.

We remember God’s presence with the disciples by his son Jesus Christ: living alongside them, teaching them, and showing them the way of love and grace.

We remember the Last Supper, when Jesus celebrated the Passover feast with his disciples for one final time.

Taking the bread, Jesus gave thanks. Breaking the bread, Jesus gave his disciples this instruction: “Remember. This bread broken will be a reminder of my body broken for you.”

Later, Jesus took up the cup. Passing the cup around the table, Jesus again gave his disciples the instruction: “Remember. This wine is a reminder of my blood shed for you.”

As they ate, and as they drank, they remembered.

Later, the meal became part of the church’s tradition: a meal of remembrance and of grace.

We follow in their footsteps today. We remember and we receive grace.

Let us pray:

Holy God,

You sent your son Jesus to be our living example of love and grace: the Servant King obedient to his call.

By his death on the cross, we receive afresh your grace, your mercy, and your forgiveness.

By your Spirit, we ask for forgiveness: for ourselves and for others.

As we remember Christ’s death, may we forget past hurts that hold us back.

As we eat and drink, may we remember all that you have done for us.



As one body separated by a pandemic but united in one Spirit, we share in bread and wine together.

Pause to eat. Pause to drink.


As we continue in God’s service, we go with the promise of hope in the present and for the future.

We cannot change the past, but with God’s grace we can move forward in love.

Let us pray:

Father God,

As we have looked back, so we now look forward.

The disciples will not have known that Good Friday would turn to Easter Sunday.

So too we do not know our futures;

But we trust in you who do.

Send us, take us, mould us, mend us as we walk this path of life.

Together or apart, we long to live in the unity of your Spirit,

Meeting with others on the way and being guided by you.

Remember us as we remember you.