Midweek Musings 19th May 2021

We’ll Meet Again…

(By Jacqui Jennings)

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been a hard time for the last 16 months; so many people we have lost in our church, and our brothers and sisters from the church suffering from serious illnesses and having treatment, which might be taking longer; lots of lonely people struggling to cope with each day by themselves.

We are lucky in this country as we are getting help with our medications, hospitals and our injections, as other countries are struggling quite a lot.

I realise that we are such a caring and thoughtful church, and our faith is keeping us all together more. God has a mission for Clare Baptist Church, I’m sure. I have got to know people a lot more, meeting on doorsteps as we all seem to do lately.

Before COVID, I was not very good with computers, but I have learnt to send emails, food shopping online and Zooms. We have joined quite a few Zooms: a morning with about eight ladies (no men) to chat about what we are doing. We managed to do our Bible study on Zoom every other week with Elvena hosting it and Tony King helping her with the videos (but we miss our Wilf and Helen being with us). We all enjoy it, studying The Bible Course – Explore the Big Story. We do another Zoom on Fridays with up to 13 people to catch up with the past week in our lives.

We are pleased that Paul Graham has managed to use Zoom for our church service, which we all look forward to on a Sunday morning, and thank him and Vicky for all their time and prayers, and the Wednesday emails as well. It keeps us in touch with church and our faith.

I have got to know a lot of different people that I don’t often sit near in church to talk to, which has been nice, and lovely to say “hello” on Zoom to everyone and listen to how they are (although I can chat too much sometimes).

Now that a lot of us have had our injections we will soon be able to meet in the park or Clare and in church again and pray we will get back to normal soon. We all look forward to a cuddle in the near future.

God bless you all.

(Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash)