Midweek Musings 7th July 2021

How Do You Think God Sees You?

(By Sarah Glasswell – Haverhill & District Youth for Christ)

I have a pack of playing cards that have interesting discussion questions on them. I use them in my youth work sometimes.  Lately I’ve had them with me whilst spending time with students as a Chaplain.

This question “How do you think God sees you?” has come up a couple of times.  One boy said, “I think God finds me annoying.” Recently, a girl I spent some time with was asking me the questions!

So, what would your answer be? Your very first gut reaction?

Mine was this… “I think he rolls his eyes a lot when he sees me getting things wrong, but I know he loves me”. And now I am analysing my answer.  Was it a good one? Did I represent God well?  That might have been my one chance to say something about God, did I blow it?

It was certainly an honest answer!  What the student heard, or what she took from it, is in God’s hands now.  Maybe it’s more of a reflection on how I see myself.  I am so grateful that God shows me so much more love, grace and mercy than I show myself.

Since becoming a parent, I feel I have a little more understanding of God as Father, or parent.  I am far from being a perfect mum, but I know how much love I have for my boy, how I always want the best for him, how I love treating him with some unexpected gift and seeing the joy on his face and gratitude in his heart.

I have many moments of frustration but have taught myself to remember he is only 9 years old and still learning the art of life (aren’t we all!).  I would take his sorrows and pains as my own if I ever could and I would die for him.

When he tells me intently that he loves me more that I love him, my heart bursts and chuckles a little.  I tell him that one day, when he has children of his own, he will understand why I tell him it isn’t true and really I love him more.  That’s what I believe, any way!

So, as I’ve been jotting this down, I find myself with a more rounded answer to that question.  God sees me as his beloved child, a precious daughter, who he couldn’t love any more or any less.  Someone who is a work in progress but still worthy of gifts (blessings), grace and mercy.

Will I ever love God more than he loves me?  Nope, and I’m OK with that.

 (Photo by Isaac Quesada on Unsplash)