The Pastor Writes – December 2012

Dear Friends

I am writing this letter in late October so Christmas seems a long way away. I have however planned our Carol Service at Clare and our Christmas morning service. I thought if I started early this year I might avoid going down with an infection on Boxing Day as has happened for the last few years.  I am also ahead of the game on buying Mary’s Christmas presents. I have already got her main present and 7 of her 10 stocking presents – isn’t Poundland a wonderful shop! There is however a lot to do, onions and eggs to pickle and sausage rolls and mince pies to make.

This year is going to be a little easier as instead of 4 carol services to prepare for there is only one. Whew what a relief!  I have mentioned but a few of the great array of things that my diary for December is already filled with. I could have mentioned socials, parties and a myriad of school productions at the school where I am a governor.

My problem with Christmas is that for so many years of my adult life I have been so busy getting ready for Christmas in so many different ways that I have been too exhausted to really enjoy it when it comes.  The season of advent is designed to help us prepare for the birth of Jesus. It helps get us ready for the birth of the saviour yet its messages get lost in the great preparations for the eat drink and be merry that Christmas has become. The great themes of advent are to prepare our hearts, repentance, the second coming and the gift of scripture. I preach on all these themes every year but some how never really get to grips with them personally.

If Christmas is to be as important as Christians claim it to be then the preparation has to be given so that we are ready to appreciate the gift of the boy child born in a manager. It is our hearts and minds that need to tune into what God did for the world 2000 years ago, and then find its  relevance to us today. I was converted on December 18th 1966 so to me Christmas reminds me that I was once a lost sinner until Jesus found me and changed my life for ever.

A very happy Christmas and a blessed New Year from Mary and me.

Your friend and moderator