The Pastor Writes – June 2013

Dear Friends

WritingSo my last pastoral letter! Yippee! I have struggled for thirty years to write them and even worse a few weeks later to read what I wrote. Here is one job I shall not miss in retirement.

This pastoral letter started as a silly idea in my head mainly because I know I am a control freak – well some of the time at least. I did what modern people do and googled the words “control freak” and was amazed at the number of hits I came up with. One of them as from a Pastor in the States and he admitted that later in life he had realised what a control freak he was. That mirrors my story. So here I am, “My name’s David and I am a control freak.”

What’s a control freak? It is someone who keeps such a tight control on their emotions that they do not find appropriate outlets for all the feelings that begin to build up within them. It is someone who cannot let anyone else do what they want doing because they believe that only they can do it right. If you want something done properly – do it yourself. It also means someone who has to have their way, believing that they know best – employ a teenager while they know it all. It makes taking advice even medical advice from a doctor a difficult decision to make. I guess if we had time we would add a lot more to this list especially raising issues about people being team players or not.

On one of the blogs I looked at on the Internet I read this – “I done this stuff and it don’t work”. Now that is a big admission for a control freak to make.  I once looked at a church in the North of England to see if I was the Pastor they were looking for. I was candidate number 55. The Church Secretary was a control freak as well as me so it would never have worked. All this thinking about control freaks started me thinking about how odd it is that so many Christians are like it. Then I came across Isaiah 41 v10.

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand

If God is with us we have nothing to fear for he is our God. He will strengthen us and help us to let go of our control and submit to his lordship. Simple! Well I am not always so sure and under pressure I become a control freak again. I am a silly bloke. As the man said “I done this stuff and it don’t work”.

Your friend