Fair trade is now well known on the High Street, and our support for it is vital. Traidcraft was the pioneer of fair trade and goes further than just paying a fair return to its suppliers. It is the voice for many poor people, pushing for fairer practices and trade deals across the world. It supports many smaller businesses, and stands by them in good times and bad.

ALL the money that is taken on a Sunday morning goes back to Traidcraft. Our profit margins are very small, but at the end of the year we send a cheque to Traidcraft for any profit we make. So you see every penny you spend on our stall provides real help for the third world.

During the summer we run our very popular garden/allotment stall – the donations from which we also send directly to Traidcraft.

2010 has been another great year for Traidcraft. Each week has seen a steady stream of people coming to the stall so by the end of this year we had exceeded our total income for 2009. This means that we, as a church, have given increased help to poorer people in less affluent nations, enabling them to provide for their families, send their children to school and improve their housing.

Penny Parker (March 2011)