The Pastor Writes – August 2012

Dear Friends

As I start to write this pastoral letter there are so many things filling my mind. There are national and international issues like the situation in Syria and the state of the banking industry. In both cases peoples lives are affected and yet they feel powerless and unable to influence matters as they would wish to.

I am also reflecting upon a large number of pastorals issues where sometimes I feel powerless to help. I listen and talk and pray but all too often it all seems to make little difference. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all right for people but life does not work that way sadly.

I am concerned about education issues and the effect they are having upon our children. I reflect upon issues in the church such as the BUGB futures debate that has been happening in recent months. It is then I feel my age and impotent to really influence decision making in the ways I would want to.

It might be I am having a depressed Thursday morning and if you feel I am then forgive me. I hope I am being honest and realistic about world of which i am an inhabitant and participant.

I have found solace in the book of Ecclesiastes which I have looked at briefly this morning. It encourages me to enjoy my life and to trust the sovereignty of God. To trust God for what I am powerless to influence and change is to bring his sovereigns power into the situations that bother me. My concern means I might take any action I can and trust to God for everything else. It is not always comfortable to do this but it is better than bitter resignation which also offers itself as an alternative.

Those of you looking forward to a holiday in the near future then I pray God will give you good weather and rest and refreshment.

Your friend and pastor