The Pastor Writes – June 2012

Dear friends

It’s good to be back in action again after my illness. If someone were to ask me what I learnt from my three months inactivity then my answer would be simply this – I need to get a life.

When Jesus talked about fullness of life I don’t think he meant a life lived out in the close confines of the church and its programmes. The things we do in church are important for developing and nurturing our faith. Yet to live our lives in the confines of church is to live in an easy comfortable world where we are rarely challenged and where our development as rounded human beings is stunted.

I realise of course that in our families and at work we meet others and are we find our faith and understanding of the world are challenged and therefore grow. Let me ask you a question. When did you last do something you have never done before? There is something exciting and quite scary in pushing the boundaries of our experience. Mary and I on our holiday tried some new experiences. We also had a go at Karaoke on the church weekend away for the first time. Mary said she did not want to do it but was glad she did because she really enjoyed it. The entry into new experiences can be done in many ways. The worlds of culture, sport, charity, education and leisure come immediately to mind.

I hear some of you saying but that means going into the world with our faith and sharing it where appropriate with those who don’t believe. Yes that’s right in the world but not of it. If your looking for sympathy from your fears then Jesus says to you – get on with it, that is what I want you to do – see Matthew 28 v 18 -20.

It is time to get a life folks before it’s too late. To boldly go where you have never gone before – that’s real faith.

Your friend and pastor